Telecom Italia Sparkle expands its Global IP Backbone reach in Brazil and Panama and upgrades Americas Backbone to 100 Gbps

TI Sparkle, the International Services arm of Telecom Italia Group, announces the expansion of its Global IP Backbone with two new POPs in Fortaleza, northern Brazil, and in Panama City, as well as the upgrade of the Americas Backbone to 100 Gbps.

These two new points of presence in Central and South America add to Sparkle’s global backbone capillarity and will further improve the performance of Sparkle’s Global IP Transit Service Seabone offered to Content and Service providers in the region and at the same time will provide eyeballs with an overall higher Internet experience.

The Americas Backbone upgrade to 100 Gbps also adds to a higher service quality to TI Sparkle customers in the region as it introduces efficiencies in provisioning and fault management, thus increasing overall network reliability in addition to overall backbone capacity.

Panama is a major hub in the region and the new POP will provide ISPs, Content Players, and Multinational Corporations located in Central America with lower latency and improved traffic routing capabilities.

The new POP in Fortaleza is TI Sparkle’s fourth POP in Brazil and thanks to its proximity to Miami with respect to the other points of presence in Rio and San Paulo, it will further improve performance in one of the world’s most crucial route between North and South America.

“TI Sparkle is currently ranked #1 in Renesys' South American Wholesale Ranking and significantly ahead of its main competitors. Combined with our #10 Global position, TI Sparkle is the ideal choice for top quality North to South American IP connectivity", says Elisabetta Ripa, CEO TI Sparkle.

Seabone is TI Sparkle Tier1 fully IPv6 enabled global IP Transit backbone that ranks among top 5 in Europe and #1 in the Mediterranean. While consolidating its global role, Seabone is strengthening its regional positioning globally and especially in Africa and Asia where it has reached leading positions.