Americas Backbone network includes

Sparkle’s Americas Backbone with an undersea, state-of-the-art, fiber-optic network in the Americas region. Using leading-edge DWDM technology, the Americas Network provides seamless connectivity from the USA to Latin America region.

The network spans approximately 30000Km of Americas Backbone supported by SAC and MAC cable systems, linking USA to St. Croix, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Panama, Venezuela as well as the major cities of Europe, Asia and Africa with Trans-Atlantic wavelengths.

Americas Backbone

11 Landing Station:Hollywood, Brookhaven, St. Croix, Fortaleza, 
Rio Bandeirantes, Santos, Las Toninas, 
Valparaiso, Lurin, Ft. Amador, Pto. Viejo

14 Points of Presence in 10 main cities:
Miami, New York, Rio de Janeiro, San Paolo 
(3 PoPs), Santiago (2 PoPs), Buenos Aires 
(2 PoPs), Panama, Lima, Caracas and La Paz

7 IP PoPs:
Brazil (3), Argentina, Chile, Peru & Panama

Technical Features

Full ownership of the terrestrial, under-sea 
and backhauls cable systems
MAC Cable System:
Cable length: 10,000km ring topology

SAC Cable System:
Cable length: 20,000km in a ring topology

SDH Backbone:
Self-Healing Network
      Legacy SDH Protection
      MESH Protection
Full equipment redundancy 1+1
10% of equipment investment in spare parts

IP Backbone:
Fully redundant IP Backbone
AS 6762 (Sparkle's SEABONE)

NOC based in Buenos Aires Data Center based in Miami:
Large collocation in NAP of Americas in Miami, FL