A worldwide-managed bandwidth solution that allows Customers to connect, permanently and exclusively, all their locations with digital links through dedicated international circuits (over new or traditional generation backbones).

Site2Site offers reliable transparent connection via an end-to-end solution, and ensures: 


Site2Site network resiliency allows critical-mission applications, offering full, secure bandwidth, 
and provides international and national circuits between two customer locations. Highly reliable, thanks to redundancy of network equipment, alternative routing paths and continuous network supervision (24/7) performed by 
a team of specialists.


With Sparkle’s and its subsidiaries infrastructure as well as their local partner networks, the Site2Site service keeps Europe, the Gulf, North and Latin America, and the Mediterranean Basin connected. Plus, Sparkle has widened its service coverage thanks to a number of NNI, partnerships and agreements with the major players, providing connectivity throughout the American Region. One of the main strengths of Sparkle’s network is the wide range of redundant infrastructure possibilities to hard-to-reach destinations.


For some of our customers, 
its foremost challenge lies in establishing a global network that can guarantee the highest global coverage. Following our customers’ needs, Sparkle is able to offer a single sales contact point and for most of the locations worldwide, to concentrate multiple global services under a single contract


Fom E1/2Mbps to STM64/10Gbps with different steps. Satisfying our customers’ needs, connecting one customer location to another, including interconnection points (Telehouses) or a traditional meet point.