As the primary company asset, our Layer 1 network constitutes the foundation on which the whole Sparkle service portfolio is built. With protected underlying architecture, the proprietary fiber infrastructure spans throughout the major worldwide routes adding an unrivalled direct worldwide reach in regions such as North America, Europe and Africa up to fast growing regions such as the Mediterranean Basin and Asia. 
The State-of-the-art transmission technology develops a platform capable of transporting terabits of capacity. With a direct presence in 4 continents and 49 cities covered through single or multiple POPs and fiber rings connecting the largest resources and Datacenters in European and North American cities. Sparkle brings its fiber network right at the fingertips of its customers and business partners. 
The submarine cable assets deployed on proprietary, bilateral and consortia systems are another important strength in terms of reach and pervasiveness. The conjunction of a high performance resilient transport network, a sophisticated monitoring system, a reliable operational and customer oriented organization lets Sparkle to provide secure and flexible services with the most stringent SLAs in the industry.


Seabone, our IP Backbone is built on the basic pillar of interconnectivity, reliability and performances, in order to let Customers effectively face the new internet challenges. Seabone is an ever growing Backbone based GigaRouters,  high capacity trunk interconnections on  diversified submarine system with Fully redundant Core/Edge POPs Architecture allows the flow  of Terabytes of information across the backbone.
Keeping the IP backbone at the forefront of technology, continuously deploying upgrades, improving its performances this is what makes SEABONE stand out in the wholesale Arena.  SEABONE, a pervasive IP Network that embraces the Globe, closing it arms through Europe, Asia and the United States with Private and Direct Peering with all key Internet Tier-1 Player allows our customers to access any content while letting Content provider be closer to their customers from all over the world.
Seabone: Where Content meets Eyeballs.